The Ka Po’ Tun Commander – Guest Created Outfit

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“Ka Po’ Tun is the “Tiger-Dragon’s Empire”. The cat-folk here are ruled by the divine Tosh Raka, the Tiger-Dragon. They are now a very great empire, stronger than Tsaesci.”

– The Mysterious Akavir

Kahjiit of Tamriel are usually only known to be thieving, moon worshipping skooma addicts, however in Akavir they are one of the fiercest warrior races on the entire continent.

The Ka Po’Tun are a tiger-like race of Khajiit who worship dragons. While they’re not a playable race, it’s quite easy to replicate one in character creation by making a Khajiit with Tiger stripes.


Every once in a while I’m lucky enough to come across a well dressed citizen of Tamriel. Over the weekend, I ran into this wonderful Khajiit named Ka’to San’jir, who was nice enough to let me take some screenshots of her Akavir armour.


I’ve always had trouble creating Khajiits & Argonians and this amazing costume has completely inspired me. An item I never thought I’d be interested in -The Pact Battle Crest hairstyle – suits this outfit so well I’m considering purchasing it for myself.

-Ayleid Pants
-Akaviri Heavy Armour & Sword
-Pact Battle Crest (Crown Store)

2 thoughts on “The Ka Po’ Tun Commander – Guest Created Outfit

    Phalanx Blister said:
    April 19, 2018 at 4:44 pm

    Very interesting and lovely images, indeed you’ve thought through on how to make this Khajiit look like a Ka Po’Tun and I must say in very impressed by your fine work, however about them being a type of Khajiit is highly unlikely, they’re a seperate race which doesn’t follow the same set of rules as the Khajiiti race, following the moons which decides what type of sub-specie they become once they’re born. The Ka Po’Tun are set and born as one type, one similar to the Cathay most likely. However one of their kind has actually transformed himself into a Tiger-Dragon.


    eternalzeroblog said:
    June 11, 2018 at 1:25 am

    i wish i knew what color are those. the names.


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