Storm Atronach Crown Crates

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Crown Crates were released in late November 2016, and the Storm Atronach is the first ‘theme’. To view the full article visit ESO Welcomes Crown Crates

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Apex Rewards

400 ON-icon-store-Crown Gems.png
  • Storm Atronach Bear Mount
  • Storm Atronach Camel
  • Storm Atronach Guar Mount
  • Storm Atronach Horse
  • Storm Atronach Senche Mount
  • Storm Atronach Wolf Mount
Duplicate Apex rewards grant 132ON-icon-store-Crown Gems.png from extraction.

Legendary Rewards

100 ON-icon-store-Crown Gems.png
  • Black Mane Lion Mount
  • Black Mask Bear-Dog
  • Clouded Senche-Leopard
  • Clouded Senche-Leopard Cub
  • Dwarf-Style Mage’s Hat
  • Frost Mare
  • Grand Crown Crate Experience Scroll
  • Imperial Mananaut Cap & Goggles
  • Mind-Shriven (skin)
  • Mind-Shriven Horse
  • Orchid Nixad
  • Red Pit Wolf Mount
  • Red Pit Wolf Pup
  • Rosy Netch Calf
  • Storm Atronach Transform
  • Tangerine Dragon Frog
Duplicate Legendary rewards grant 33ON-icon-store-Crown Gems.png from extraction.

Epic Rewards

40 ON-icon-store-Crown Gems.png
  • “Brilliance” Brocade Robes
  • Aurbical Sumbols
  • Belly Dancer Veil
  • Chub Loon
  • Enveloping Scales
  • Feathered Headdress
  • Golden Eye Guar
  • Hedge Wizard’s Claw Cap
  • High-Collared Coin Ball Gown
  • Major Crown Crate Experience Scroll
  • Palomino Horse
  • Purple Daggerback
  • Shadow Stripe Headwrap
  • Storm Orb Juggle
  • The Aurbic Eye
  • Upright Antler Skullcap
Duplicate Epic rewards grant 13ON-icon-store-Crown Gems.png from extraction.

Superior Rewards

16 ON-icon-store-Crown Gems.png
  • “Clever Man” Wizard Hat
  • Azure Brow-to-Temple Circlet
  • Battlemage Palatine Armor
  • Battlemage Scout Captain Uniform
  • Battlemage Tribune Armor
  • Daedric Scamp
  • Evening Dress
  • Feathered Bycoket Cap
  • Fibonaccus Spiral Hat
  • Helstrom Ancestor Lizard
  • Jawbone Blades
  • Roostertail Frills
  • Shadow Striping
  • Shornhelm Shepherd
  • Soul-Shriven Armor Outfit
  • Soul-Shriven Leather Outfit
  • Soul-Shriven Ragged Clothing
  • Storm Atronach Aura
  • Wrestler’s Buzz Cut
Duplicate Superior Rewards grant 5ON-icon-store-Crown Gems.png from extraction.

Fine Rewards

ON-icon-store-Crown Gems.png
  • Crown Crate Experience Scroll
  • Crown Crate Fortifying Meal
  • Crown Crate Refreshing Drink
  • Crown Lesson: Riding Capacity
  • Crown Lesson: Riding Speed
  • Crown Lesson: Riding Stamina
  • Crown Repair Kit
  • Crown Soul Gem
Unwanted Fine Rewards grant 1ON-icon-store-Crown Gems.png from extraction.

Common Rewards

ON-icon-store-Crown Gems.png

  • Crown Invisibility Potion (5)
  • Crown Lethal Poison (25)
  • Crown Mimic Stone
  • Crown Spellcaster’s Elixir (5)
  • Crown Survivor’s Elixir (5)
  • Crown Tri-Restoration Potion (5)
  • Crown Warrior’s Elixir (5)
Unwanted Common Rewards grant 1ON-icon-store-Crown Gems.png from extraction.

Storm Atronach Bear

Storm Atronach Camel Mount

Storm Atronach Guar Mount

Storm Atronach Horse Mount

Storm Atronach Senche Mount

Storm Atronach Wolf Mount

Storm Atronach Aura (Memento)

Storm Atronach Transformation (Memento)

Storm Orb Juggle (Memento)


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