My Favourite Addons for taking Screenshots

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Without addons I wouldn’t have made this site, so I’ve decided to create a list of my current favourite addons I find useful for creating my screenshots & helping me put my cute little (but growing) site together. I’ll  be updating this list if I find anymore I like.

Photographer by darkretailer
Removes all UI (User Interface- menus, character names, health bars etc) from screenshots only. The only addon you’ll really need if you’re wanting to take great pictures. If this addon didn’t exist, I wouldnt’t bother with this site. It only removes the UI from screenshots, so you don’t have to worry about losing anything. If you do want to screenshot UI from time to time, I’d suggesting using a different command through steam or Fraps etc.

Unlimited Camera Zoom by Captain Blagbird
This will let you zoom right up to your characters face so you can take close-up portraits and see those beautiful eyelashes. It zooms In so close, I was genuinely shocked when I realised how unnatractive my Altmer lady was.

Looping Emotes by YayRP
Simply typing “/loop emotename” command the emote will continue replaying 20 times. Very helpful to get awesome screenshots of your character doing interesting things rather than just staring into thin air. I call it my modelling addon 😉

Show Motifs by MRA4nii & Phinix
This doesn’t really help in taking screenshots, but nonetheless it is an extremely helpful addon that shows the motif style in your inventory in your bag, bank & inventory. I would have this installed even if I didn’t create outfits, as it makes shopping for gear much easier as I know what the piece of armour looks like rather than just guessing. It shows a small symbol near the items price which you can hover over. This is highly recomended for someone who is concerned with how they look, but doesn’t own nice costumes to hide bad armour.

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