Wild Hunt Crown Crate

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List & images of the Wild Hunt Crown Crate contents –

Apex Rewards

  • Wild Hunt Bear Mount
  • Wild Hunt Camel
  • Wild Hunt Guar
  • Wild Hunt Horse
  • Wild Hunt Senche
  • Wild Hunt Wolf Mount
Duplicate Apex rewards grant 132 from extraction.

Legendary Rewards

  • 12-Point Antler Skullcap
  • 14-Point Antler Skullcap
  • Banner of Hircine
  • Black Senche-Panther
  • Black Senche-Panther Kitten
  • Blue Oasis Dragon Frog
  • Cobalt Sep Adder
  • Dark Moons Lynx
  • Doom Wolf
  • Doom Wolf Pup
  • Grand Crown Crate Experience Scroll
  • Statue of Hircine
  • Tapestry of Hircine
  • Wild Hunt Antler Skullcap
  • Wild Hunt Transform
Duplicate Legendary rewards grant 33 from extraction.

Epic Rewards

  • Amethyst Eyelashes
  • Ancestor Moth Swarm
  • Azure Feather Eyelashes
  • Baby Netch
  • Banded Guar Charger
  • Eight-Fang Nose Chain
  • Floral Swirl Aura
  • Forester’s Hood with Flower
  • Major Crown Crate Experience Scroll
  • Moth Priest (costume)
  • Priest of the Green (costume)
  • Rootbrim Hat with Flower
  • Sanguine’s Black Goat
  • Toxin Doctor (costume)
  • Uricanbeg Antler Tattoos
  • Wild Vines’ Embrace Tattoos
  • Wyrd Root Tattoos
Duplicate Epic rewards grant 13 from extraction.

Superior Rewards

  • Banekin
  • Black Marsh Keeper
  • Bravil Retriever
  • East Skyrim Scout Outfit
  • Feathered Kelp-Scalp
  • Flannel Forester’s Hood
  • Mane-of-Many-Rivers
  • Orcish Scout Armor
  • Rotmeth Hangover Bed-Head
  • Tree-Minder
  • Uricanbeg Antlers Face Tattoo
  • Valenwood Spinner
  • West Skyrim Scout Outfit
  • Wild Hunt Leaf-Dance Aura
  • Wild Hunt Rootbrim Hat
  • Wild Vines Face Tattoo
  • Winterborn Hunter’s Costume
  • Winterborn Shaman’s Costume
  • Winterborn Warrior’s Costume
  • Wyrd Root Face Tattoo
Duplicate Superior Rewards grant 5 from extraction.

Fine Rewards

  • Crown Crate Experience Scroll
  • Crown Crate Fortifying Meal
  • Crown Crate Refreshing Drink
  • Crown Lesson: Riding Capacity
  • Crown Lesson: Riding Speed
  • Crown Lesson: Riding Stamina
  • Crown Repair Kit
  • Crown Soul Gem
Unwanted Fine Rewards grant 1 from extraction.

Common Rewards

  • Crown Debilitating Poison (50)
  • Crown Draining Poison (50)
  • Crown Enfeebling Poison (50)
  • Crown Invisibility Potion (10)
  • Crown Lethal Poison (25)
  • Crown Mimic Stone
  • Crown Spellcaster’s Elixir (10)
  • Crown Survivor’s Elixir (10)
  • Crown Trapping Poison (50)
  • Crown Tri-Restoration Potion (5)
  • Crown Warrior’s Elixir (10)
Unwanted Common Rewards grant 1 from extraction.
The Wild Hunt Crown Crates were released in early February 2017. To see the complete article visit the Next Crown Crate Season Announcement.
Also see Unofficial Elder Scrolls Pages Crown Crates Page


Wild Hunt Bear Mount

Wild Hunt Camel Mount

Wild Hunt Guar Mount
Wild Hunt Horse Mount
Wild Hunt Senche MountWild Hunt Wolf Mount

Wild Hunt Aura (Memento)

Wild Hunt Transformation (Memento)


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