Guide to Stables and Mounts

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In this Guide you will learn –
-What are Riding Skills and how to Obtain them
-Pictures of the Mounts you can buy with Gold & their Prices

Riding Skills

At any Stable you may purchase riding skills, which are upgrades for your mount. I’d first recommend maxing your Speed, from there, max what you like.

  • Speed- Affects how fast you’ll travel. Maximum is 60%
  • Capacity- Each point will add 1 bag space to your inventory. The maximum is 60.
  • Stamina- Your steeds health, determines how quickly you will fall off your steed while being attacked.

YES – All mounts are account wide. You’ll only need to purchase them once.
YES- Riding skills will work on all the mounts for the character who purchases them.
YES- All Stable bought Mounts are purchased using Gold, no Crown Coins here.
YES- All Mounts will be found in your Collections, you cannot lose or sell them.
NO- Riding Skills are not Account wide, you’ll have to max every character individually.

When you hit level 20 with any riding skill you will acquire a cosmetic item for your horse, a birdle, carrybags & armour which can be turned on/off in Settings>Gameplay.

Stable Bought Mounts

Stable bought horses are purchased using Gold, the standard in game currency you’ll collect from completing Quests, defeating enemies & dungeons etc. Currently you can purchase 4 Mounts using Gold. The cheapest is 10,000 Gold and then all others are 42,700 Gold. You may purchase these at Stables.

You will find your Mounts under Collections>Mounts. To equip a Mount, right click and equip.


1. The Sorrel Horse – this will most likely be the first Horse you buy, as it is the cheapest of the Stable bought horses. Price: 10,000 Gold



2. The Bay Dun Horse – If you like the Palomino Horse, which has a similar coloured body but instead with white hair, this might be a good alternative instead of using precious Crown Coins. Price: 42,700 Gold



3. Brown Paint Horse – My favourite of the four, not to be confused with the Piebald Destrier, which is a very similar mount that you get from the Store. Cost 42,700 Gold



4. The Midnight Steed – If you like the Nightmare Courser but don’t wish to spend, the Midnight Steed might be best for you, it is the darkest of the Stable bought steeds and looks good with everything. Cost: 42,700 GoldSteed1

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