Knahaten Flu lasted over 40 years – How the Races of Lilmothiit & Kothringi fit into the ESO Timeline

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I’ve seen so many people on the forums lately dismiss races who where mostly killed by the Knahaten Flu being in game (either as NPC’s or future playable races) simply because the Flu happened “22 years ago”.

While this is true, they leave out the fact the disease lasted for over 40 years.

“The plague began in Stormhold in 2E 560, and quickly spread to every corner of Black Marsh, killing all those not of reptilian stock. For over forty years it held the Province in its grip, decimating entire cultures (notably, the Kothringi) 
Pocket Guide to the Empire Third Edition – Black Marsh

Current ESO Year – Intro cutscene says year (2nd Era) 582
(Though some might say it is 2E 583 due to The Chronicles of the Five Companions)

So basically –
The disease started 2nd Era 560
We live in ESO at 2nd Era 582
The disease lasted for over 40 years

We are right in the middle of the Khahaten Flu.

Which leaves us open to experiencing the stories of its victims and its survivors, including –

Tribes of Men –
Kothringi (Blue/Grey skin Humans)

Tribes of Mer –
Barsaebic Ayleids
Cantemiric Velothi

Beast Tribes –
Lilmothiit (Bipedal Foxes – think Khajiit but with fox features)

Diseases and viruses usually last a while – think about the Bubonic Plague which began in 1300’s and still killed millions in the early 1900’s (we can thank antibiotics for slowing that one down!)

And as for including these races in ESO, while it’s heartbreaking that we all know these races are doomed, the characters in game don’t know that yet, and must be actively fighting and searching for ways to escape these areas or help the afflicted.

Ultimately however,  it depends how quickly it killed the people of these races, while the  Pocket Guide to the Empire Third Edition – Black Marsh says it ‘quickly spread’ I haven’t found info on how quickly it kills a person I still doubt it would’ve killed off the entirety of these groups in 22 years.


End Note – Whether or not you like the idea of the extinct/endangered races (from the Knahaten flu) as future playable races or NPC’s in the game, the disease lasted 40 years and it definitely fits into our current ESO timeline.


Sources –
Pocket Guide to the Empire Third Edition – Black Marsh
Pocket Guide to the Empire First Edition – Elsweyr Confederacy

Check out the Knahaten Flu Wiki Page

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