5 Items in ESO I’d like to see in our Collections

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Nereid Motifs, Costumes or Headpiece – In fact, just give me anything to do with Nereids, as they’ll probably never be made into a playable race.


Sai Sahan’s Crescent Moon Circlet – I have about 30 different costumes I’d like to create with this great headpiece. And 90% of them are in some way related to Sailor Moon.

File:High King Emeric.jpeg

King Emeric’s Circlet –Very Celtic, I really just hope there will be a variety of colours available, as some accessories don’t change colour with hair. I’d like something a little more earthy, and this accessory in brown & green would be perfect.


Butterfly Swarm – We have an Ancestor Moth Swarm and these butterflies currently in game are so pretty. It took me a little bit of effort to get these Butterfly pictures.


Proper Antlers – I’d love some Antlers that aren’t bound to hats or Wood Elves. I have nearly zero ideas for costumes with the antlered hats we currently have however antlers on their own, or even on a headband type of thing would be wonderful.

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Just a quick update, In my last post I challenged myself to complete one jester festival themed outfit for every day of the festival, sadly, I failed it very quickly! I’ve been sick with a tummy bug and a very high temperature. My brain is throbbing and I’m writing this from my phone as I’m just way too tired get up to my pc.
I’m getting better though, slow and steady wins the race. On Monday I start a new exercise program with a new gym so I really hope I’ll be back into it in no time!