Knahaten Flu lasted over 40 years – How the Races of Lilmothiit & Kothringi fit into the ESO Timeline

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I’ve seen so many people on the forums lately dismiss races who where mostly killed by the Knahaten Flu being in game (either as NPC’s or future playable races) simply because the Flu happened “22 years ago”.

While this is true, they leave out the fact the disease lasted for over 40 years.

“The plague began in Stormhold in 2E 560, and quickly spread to every corner of Black Marsh, killing all those not of reptilian stock. For over forty years it held the Province in its grip, decimating entire cultures (notably, the Kothringi) 
Pocket Guide to the Empire Third Edition – Black Marsh

Current ESO Year – Intro cutscene says year (2nd Era) 582
(Though some might say it is 2E 583 due to The Chronicles of the Five Companions)

So basically –
The disease started 2nd Era 560
We live in ESO at 2nd Era 582
The disease lasted for over 40 years

We are right in the middle of the Khahaten Flu.

Which leaves us open to experiencing the stories of its victims and its survivors, including –

Tribes of Men –
Kothringi (Blue/Grey skin Humans)

Tribes of Mer –
Barsaebic Ayleids
Cantemiric Velothi

Beast Tribes –
Lilmothiit (Bipedal Foxes – think Khajiit but with fox features)

Diseases and viruses usually last a while – think about the Bubonic Plague which began in 1300’s and still killed millions in the early 1900’s (we can thank antibiotics for slowing that one down!)

And as for including these races in ESO, while it’s heartbreaking that we all know these races are doomed, the characters in game don’t know that yet, and must be actively fighting and searching for ways to escape these areas or help the afflicted.

Ultimately however,  it depends how quickly it killed the people of these races, while the  Pocket Guide to the Empire Third Edition – Black Marsh says it ‘quickly spread’ I haven’t found info on how quickly it kills a person I still doubt it would’ve killed off the entirety of these groups in 22 years.


End Note – Whether or not you like the idea of the extinct/endangered races (from the Knahaten flu) as future playable races or NPC’s in the game, the disease lasted 40 years and it definitely fits into our current ESO timeline.


Sources –
Pocket Guide to the Empire Third Edition – Black Marsh
Pocket Guide to the Empire First Edition – Elsweyr Confederacy

Check out the Knahaten Flu Wiki Page

(Masqued) Unicorn Mount Datamined & Personal Update

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Ladies and Gentlemen.
Datamined Image from

Summerset Isles is also rumored to be the newest chapter. Very exciting for us Altmer players, and the new non combat pet ponies are adorable.

Hope you all had a good Christmas & New Years. I’ve been playing much more ESO lately and have recently completed the Maelstrom Arena for the first time (Not Stormproof, mind you) and I’ve began doing Veteran dungeons daily. I Never thought I’d be into veteran as I accidently went into one in the early CP levels and am midly traumatised by not only the difficulty, but also my poor teams reaction when they realized their damage dealer was a noob! (oh dear!)

I’m CP 420+ now and don’t have trouble in Vet, so am feeling pretty good about it. I’ve also (somewhat) finished Morrowind & Clockwork City, which was really nice to return to and I am three Cyrodill skyshards & delves away from completing some major achievements with some awesome dyes I’m so pumped to get.

I’m excited for February as the new Outfit system will make it easier for me to make outfits to upload. Not to mention housing storage which will ease the pain of my overflowing inventory.

I’ve been thinking about ESO a lot lately, as I level more alts I’m intrigued about future skill lines, classes, zones & even races that might be added. I’m starting to feel like I’ve played so much of this game that I’m so eager for more  new content.

Anyway! these are just some of my thoughts & experiences over the last year. I hope you enjoy my little blog and have as much fun in eso as I do! 🙂


The Case of the Unicorn Mount

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As I wander through the ESO forums, every now and then I see mentions of the beloved Unicorn from Oblivion, and if it will be placed into the game as a mount. The Unicorn often brings up extreme love & hate reactions.

The love seems to be from people like myself – those who loved the Unicorn in Oblivion! As a teenager, I’d create a beautiful character with long, flowing (downloaded) hair and run straight to the unicorn to claim as my own.

However some people don’t seem to have the same love of the Unicorn as I do, the usual concern is that the Unicorn won’t fit into the game, thinking that it will bring rainbows and sparkles that won’t fit into the art style.

I understand their concern, this is something I’m concerned with as well. The Elder Scrolls franchise takes pride in their art style, and I hope they keep up the excellent work. In saying that, I doubt that ESO will create a mount for us that leaves a trail of starry rainbows anytime soon. The last thing Elder Scrolls fans want is for their games not to take their design seriously.

However, in a world where frozen & zombie horses, lightening Bears & Senches, Fiery horned upright dino/lizards, robot spiders & glowing green entagled vine mounts exist…

Would adding a small horn upon a white horse be such a crazy thing to do?


Lore wise it works perfectly. It seems some newer Elder Scrolls fans aren’t aware that Unicorns are a rare creature that was a usable mount in Oblivion. While there was only one in the game, the ESO timeline is hundreds of years before the events of Oblivion and just like the Minotaurs, (who where also rare in Oblivion, yet common in ESO) there’s a very good chance there would be many more of them in our ESO timeline.

Another thing to remember, is that the Crown Store provides for all different types of players out there, not everything should appeal to everyone and that’s an excellent thing.

If they do create it, it will be like the one from Oblivion, a grey/white horse with a horn.

That is it.

No Rainbows. No Stars. Just a perfectly simple horse with a small horn.


Update 2

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First of all I’d like to apologize for my absence! I started a new job last week and have been busy juggling that along with the gym and my daily life. The new 6/6/17 Morrowind patch should be happening today and am truly excited! (Even though I’ve already had a look around when pre order came out!)

I suppose what I’m really excited for is the new Crown Crates, my pre-order crate gave me this cute little Shalk pet pictured above, isn’t he adorable?! A little blue mushroom bug- 10/10.

Also, I have more Morrowind themed costumes for Dunmer coming out soon and some Altmer posing as Chimer, which should be interesting.


5 Items in ESO I’d like to see in our Collections

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Nereid Motifs, Costumes or Headpiece – In fact, just give me anything to do with Nereids, as they’ll probably never be made into a playable race.


Sai Sahan’s Crescent Moon Circlet – I have about 30 different costumes I’d like to create with this great headpiece. And 90% of them are in some way related to Sailor Moon.

File:High King Emeric.jpeg

King Emeric’s Circlet –Very Celtic, I really just hope there will be a variety of colours available, as some accessories don’t change colour with hair. I’d like something a little more earthy, and this accessory in brown & green would be perfect.


Butterfly Swarm – We have an Ancestor Moth Swarm and these butterflies currently in game are so pretty. It took me a little bit of effort to get these Butterfly pictures but aren’t they pretty 🙂


Proper Antlers – I’d love some Antlers that aren’t bound to hats or Wood Elves. I have nearly zero ideas for costumes with the antlered hats we currently have however antlers on their own, or even on a headband type of thing would be wonderful.

Blog 1

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Just a quick update, In my last post I challenged myself to complete one jester festival themed outfit for every day of the festival, sadly, I failed it very quickly! I’ve been sick with a tummy bug and a very high temperature. My brain is throbbing and I’m writing this from my phone as I’m just way too tired get up to my pc.
I’m getting better though, slow and steady wins the race. On Monday I start a new exercise program with a new gym so I really hope I’ll be back into it in no time!