Sea Elf

Sea Elf Sorceress

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I love Sea Elves, sort of wish they where in the game sometimes but they’re reasonably easy to recreate with a pale Dark Elf and Oracle Eyes – or even a vampire with oracle eyes.
-Oracle Eyes
-Dominion Topaz Circlet
-Floral Droplet Earrings
-Sidelong Sweep Hairstyle
-Black Eyeliner and Lips
-Buoyant Gentility Ensemble
(Soul Shriven Pale, ColdHarbour Ash Black)


The Maormer Mercenary

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“The Maormer are native to the island kingdom of Pyandonea, an archipelago in the southern ocean.”

-Serpents Grotto

I really enjoy creating beautiful Sea Elves, this is the same model I used for my Illidan and Sea Elf Captain outfits. He looks pretty incredible as a pirate covered in tattoos. The Pirate Costume Pack is one of my favourite outfit packs. I love how the dye shows up on the clothing, it always seems to look nice no matter what colour you use.


-Oracle Eyes
-Pact Battle Crest Hair(Crown Store)
-Pirate Swab Outfit (Crown Store)
-Dominion Warrior Tattoos (Crown Store)
(Dyed Ransacker Blue, Coldharbour Ash Black)

The Sea Elf Citizen

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“The Maormer are known to possess blank, white eyes & skin that is entirely colorless, as if their flesh were made of some white limpid jelly”

-The Wolf Queen v4

Sea Elves, or Maormer, are sea serpent worshipping Elves from Pyandonnea you might have already seen around the Aldmeri Dominion. Sadly, Sea Elves are not currently a playable race, so I’ve chosen a very pale Dunmer with Oracle Eyes to pose as one.


-Oracle Eyes
-Crescent Earrings
-Long & Combed Back Hairstyle
-Drifting Sands Tunic & Sash (Crown Store)