Sinistral Elf

The Sinistral Assassin

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From the sunkern continent of Yokuda there once lived a race of Mer known as Sinistral Elves, or Lefthanded Elves. I’ve been trying to create more outfits for NPC races and hope to eventually have enough to give them their own section. I’m planning alot of changes to this site, hope it all goes well.

-Nord Heavy Shoes
-Mercenary Medium Shoes
-Redguard Medium Helmet
-Redguard Leggings
-Mercenary Light Shirt
-Mercenary Light Gloves
-Mercenary Light Shoulders
(Dyed a mix of Starlight Gold, Master Gold, Craftmaster Gold & Lamae White)

The Sinistral Sorcerer

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This is my first attempt at the presumed extinct race of Mer known as Lefthanded Elves also known as Sinistral Elves, who lived in the now sunken continent of Yokuda, from the sea west of the Daggerfall Covenant zones.

There isn’t alot of information about these elves, other than their eventual defeat in a war lasting thousands of years with the Yokudans (Ancient Redguards). The survivors of the war where said to have drowned when the continent sunk, none are said to have made it to Tamriel.

Because there are no accounts of their appearance, I had to do the guess work. Elves adapt to their environment much quicker than the human races, and the Sinistral are masters of sand and desert. Living in Yokuda – a desert said to be more dangerous and arid than the Alik’r. They taught the Redguards how to create scimitars & turbans, they created armour out of rock and sandstone and their mages could create entire cities out of sand in minutes.

-Mannimarco Costume
-Copper Bug Legs Tattoo
-Abah’s Watch Turban (Crown Store)