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Dye Stamps & Exclusive Dyes

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What are Dye Stamps?
Dye Combinations of three colours that can only be used once and will last forever on one costume. Can be re-dyed, however you will lose the dye and will not be able to get it back unless you purchase it again. Remember, you can earn these colours in game through achievements, though some achievements can take months of work. Dye Stamps will never use Rare dyes – only common & uncommon

Who are they suited for?
Non Subscribers cannot dye costumes (only armour) so it’s an inexpensive way of dying clothing without having to pay subscription fee. (Though subscribing gives a nice amount of Crown Coins, it just depends on your gaming budget)

What are Exclusive Dye Stamps? Not to be confused with regular dye stamps, Exclusive Dye Stamps are colours you cannot earn in-game. So basically original store-bought dye colours. They are available in store for a limited time and are generally much more vibrant and beautiful than other dyes. I’ve listed some below and will continue to add more as more come to the store-

ST PATRICKS DAY – Clover Lawn & Butterscotch Ale dyes, will be available for a few days around March 17th.

jollyauberginegilt-y pleasure.jpg
JESTER FESTIVAL – Jolly Aubergine & Gilt-y Pleasure celebrating April Fools day and is usually available for two weeks starting late March ending in Early April.

What’s my (unimportant & uneducated) opinion on them?
Exclusive Dye Stamps should be available to purchase as dyes that become a permanent part of your collection (NOT the achievement dyes, just the exclusive colours). I dislike the idea of losing something I buy, and online goods are just pixels. I WANT to throw my money at these beautiful colours (that I love and completely obsess over!) but sadly I must refuse until I can keep the colours in my collection permanently.