My Favourite Addons for taking Screenshots

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Without addons I wouldn’t have made this site, so I’ve decided to create a list of my current favourite addons I find useful for creating my screenshots & helping me put my cute little (but growing) site together. I’ll  be updating this list if I find anymore I like.

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The Easy Dye Guide!

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In ESO, you can dye both armour & costumes. I’ve compiled a list of the easiest dyes to collect, as the Achievements menu can be a little overwhelming. This is aimed at newer players with some knowledge of the game, however even the most seasoned player might have missed some of these.

Dying Clothing can be done at a Dye Station, which are generally located in major cities near crafting stations.

Every ESO player can dye their Armour
ESO+ (Subscriber) Players can dye their Armour & Costumes

dbbJoin the Undaunted – Dried Blood Brown
mgbJoin the Mages Guild – Mages Guild Blue
fgrJoin the Fighters Guild – Fighters Guild Red

novicetanReach Level 10 – Novice Tan
apprenticeblueReach Level 20 – Apprentice Blue

Main Quests
ssgreyComplete Main Quest Chapter 1 – Soul Shriven Grey
soulgempurpleComplete Main Quest Chapter 2.5 – Soul Gem Purple
The main quests are usually pretty simple, but can be a little time consuming with a lot of chatter. You will get these quests as soon as you enter Tamriel (Level 3) after Character Creation & Cold Harbour.After that, the Prophet will pop up in your location every 5 levels for further Main Quests.

ransackerbAcquire a Superior Quality Item – Ransacker Blue
pillagerpAcquire an Epic Quality Item – Pillager Purple
You will get these as you progress through the game or pick up a cheap one from your Guild Bank or Store.

amethystvResearch a trait for any Weapon/Armour type – Amethyst Violet
moonstoneResearch every available Trait at least once – Moonstone White
While crafting, click the Research tab. You may use a weapon/armour in your inventory and ‘reasearch’ it’s trait. Researching them all may take some time, but it’s good to get a head start if you want to learn as many dyes as possible. Your Crafting Achievements tab will show you ones you have/haven’t researched.

forgeerDeconstruct 50 items – Forge Ember Red
You will acquire a lot of junk weapons throughout the game, going into the craft menu and click the Deconstruct tab, here you can destroy these items for crafting materials. This will go fairly quickly as you progress through the game, as my CP Level 60 has already deconstructed 960+ items.

dragonthornHarvest any crafting material 10 times – Dragonthorn Yellow
hyacinthHarvest any crafting material 50 times – Hyacinth Pink
Another simple one, just harvest everything you see.

buglossRefine 30 Raw Materials – Bugloss Blue
Once you collect 10 of a raw material, you can refine it in the crafting menu.

Style Motif
bookcbUse any Racial Style Motif – Book Cover Brown
motifpbLearn all Alliance Racial Style Motifs – Motif Pattern Blue
You will pick these up as you go through the game, however again I’d recommend Guild Stores & Banks. I’ve seen most of them go for 20-250 gold. You’ll only need the Motif for the starting 10 races, the Imperial one may be the most challenging one to acquire.

battaglirLearn 10 Recipes – Battaglir Green
sheinLearn 50 Recipes – Shein Violet
This one is fairly simple, I’d recommend joining a Guild and checking out the Guild Store or Bank, as they can go for as little as 15 gold each. I wouldn’t purchase from NPC Merchants, as they are expensive for newer players.

wolfsfurbBecome a Werewolf – Wolf Fur Brown
noxoBecome a Vampire – Noxophilic Black
I am lucky enough to have found a guild that is quite enthusiastic about Vamps & Werewolves. I’d suggest asking a guild mate or even in zone chat if anyone can help you transform. You’ll need to complete a short quest aswell. Remember to level them as you go, as you’ll receive another dye for both when you hit skill level 10)

Cyrodil (PVP)
heartlandsumHelp capture a resource and a Keep in Cyrodil – Heartlands Umber
Once level 10, you will be able to join the fun in Cyrodill. Join a large group and follow them around as they take resources & keeps. Cyrodil can be confusing for new players but it’s something you pick up as you go, don’t get too disheartened. Remember to join the ‘Under Level 50’ Campaign if needed.

volunteerEarn the Rank of Volunteer in the Aliance War – Volunteers Iron
This is the first rank of the PVP Alliance War Zone of Cyrodil. As I said above, join a large group and just follow them around until you figure out what’s going on. I’m a PVP noob but am rank9 just by hanging around healing and doing damage from a distance.

khenarthiDiscover all Striking Locales in Khenarthi’s Roost – Khenarthi Red
hundinggoldDiscover all the Striking Locales in Stros M’kai and Betnikh – Hunding Gold
netchjellyblueDiscover all the Striking Locales in Bleakrock and Bal Foyen – Netch Jelly Blue
These are discovery quests for the starter zones, no killing needed. A Striking Locale is the the ‘Eye’ symbols on the map, walk up and discover them (sometimes you have to get close for it to work). When you leave the starter zones, continue to discover as many of these as possible as they’re needed for Master Explorer Achievements. There are about 3 in each starter zone and about 6 in the others. (Netch Jelly Blue is my favourite!)