Pulled Back Curl Cluster

The Golden Coast

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My site has had a few visual changes in the last month and one of them has been to create a lovely sidebar filled with graphic icons. While I’m not quite there yet, I was looking to create a picture with a striking yet traditional image of the different ESO races. This is one of the models I created for my Imperial icon. Though I didn’t end up using her, I thought I’d list her outfit down as she’s quite lovely and to show off the gorgeous curl cluster hairstyle.

-Metalwing Half Circlet
-Double Diamond Earrings
-Pulled Back Curl Cluster Hairstyle
-Cyrod’s Gentry Town Gown (Crown Store)


The Moth Priestess

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I made a Blind Moth Priest a while ago and now is time for a Priestess. I’ve modelled her after the priestess from the Imperial City dungeon, you know, the girl who loves cats. This outfit can be found in the Wild Hunt Crown Crates and I’ve dyed it Soul Shriven Pale, one of my newest, and favourite dyes. The Moth Priests in newer games wear clothing that seems much cleaner, and do not wear blindfolds, but instead have the oracle eyes. Praise Akatosh for the Oracle Eyes! mothpriestess

This emote is using the /letter command. Some one has to read those Elder Scrolls!

-Oracle Eyes
-Pulled Back Curl Cluster
-Moth Priest Costume
(Dyed Soul Shriven Pale)