The Case of the Unicorn Mount

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As I wander through the ESO forums, every now and then I see mentions of the beloved Unicorn from Oblivion, and if it will be placed into the game as a mount. The Unicorn often brings up extreme love & hate reactions.

The love seems to be from people like myself – those who loved the Unicorn in Oblivion! As a teenager, I’d create a beautiful character with long, flowing (downloaded) hair and run straight to the unicorn to claim as my own.

However some people don’t seem to have the same love of the Unicorn as I do, the usual concern is that the Unicorn won’t fit into the game, thinking that it will bring rainbows and sparkles that won’t fit into the art style.

I understand their concern, this is something I’m concerned with as well. The Elder Scrolls franchise takes pride in their art style, and I hope they keep up the excellent work. In saying that, I doubt that ESO will create a mount for us that leaves a trail of starry rainbows anytime soon. The last thing Elder Scrolls fans want is for their games not to take their design seriously.

However, in a world where frozen & zombie horses, lightening Bears & Senches, Fiery horned upright dino/lizards, robot spiders & glowing green entagled vine mounts exist…

Would adding a small horn upon a white horse be such a crazy thing to do?


Lore wise it works perfectly. It seems some newer Elder Scrolls fans aren’t aware that Unicorns are a rare creature that was a usable mount in Oblivion. While there was only one in the game, the ESO timeline is hundreds of years before the events of Oblivion and just like the Minotaurs, (who where also rare in Oblivion, yet common in ESO) there’s a very good chance there would be many more of them in our ESO timeline.

Another thing to remember, is that the Crown Store provides for all different types of players out there, not everything should appeal to everyone and that’s an excellent thing.

If they do create it, it will be like the one from Oblivion, a grey/white horse with a horn.

That is it.

No Rainbows. No Stars. Just a perfectly simple horse with a small horn.