Vested Interest Banquet Garb

Cyrus, the Hero of Sentinel

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“There once was a hardy young lad of the sea… A Redguard of courage and honor was he…”


Cyrus is the playable hero in the Elder Scrolls Adventure game Redguard, set in Stros M’Kai where the hero is in search of his sister, Iszara.

I’ve been waiting so long to create this character in ESO, I was hoping a vested shirt with pants that weren’t too loose was going to show up in the data mining but I forgot I have no patience so here he is!

-Redguard Swords
-Short Tight Curls
-Quarter Moon Earrings
-Upper Lip & Chin Strip
-“Vested Interest” Banquet Garb
(Dyed Default, Khenarthi Red, Book Cover Brown)

Adventuring in Abah’s Watch

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blue3I’m challenging myself to create an undyed outfit for every store bought costume for all the non-subs out there. MMO’s can get very expensive and ESO is no exception.

-Nose Ring
-Central Lip Smear
-Abah’s Watch Turban (Crown Store)
-“Vested Interest” Banquet Garb (Crown Store)